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California Guacamole

Over winter break, my body craves comfort food. Especially after my action-packed week running around San Francisco, I decided to indulge in a savory favorite: California Guacamole. I gave this classic recipe a fresh twist as I loaded mashed avocados with fresh organic carrots, yellow bell peppers, cherry tomatos, pressed garlic cloves, shaved cheddar cheese and caramelized onions.  I heated the red onions at low flame until the skin turned a translucent clear color, while still maintaing that comforting soft crunch. After waiting for the carmelized onions to cool, I stirred all the chopped vegetables together.

For a healthy, low sodium chip, try Trader Joe’s Veggie Flaxseed chips. For a heartier snack and enriched flavors, try pairing with a cold glass of milk and melted brie cheese on freshly baked Trader Joe’s whole-wheat, walnut and cranberry bread.

Trick: to make the Guac last a few more days, combine squeezed lemon juice and the original avocado pit in the mix.


One comment on “California Guacamole

  1. this looks AMAZING. I had no idea keeping the original pit in with the avocado helped it keep longer, i had heard about lemon juice, but not the pit. thanks for the tip!

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