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Interacting with the Band via Social Media

I recently saw my favorite band, State Radio, play at San Francisco’s Filmore. It was my 10th time seeing Chad Stokes perform, so I had extremely high hopes that were surpassed by a new wave of energy, enthusiasm and peaceful messages hidden beneath the song’s powerful lyrics.

But this concert was a little different. Days before, I had actively been tweeting and ENGAGING with @StateRadio on Twitter. To my surprise, whoever is running the handle continued to interact with me. Unrelated, I had submitted my name and a post on the Facebook event and was hand picked to MEET the band.

During the concert I tweeted photos and live updates, and @StateRadio retweeted my comments and soon started following me. Nevertheless, I was giddy with excitement.

Meeting Chad (again) was like seeing a familiar friend. My sister presented him with her usual friendship bracelet gift and he reassured us one of the bracelets from a few years back was still attached to his guitar case handle.

Epic concert. Enhanced by interacting via social media. Thanks Twitter for not only connecting companies, individuals but musicians too!


One comment on “Interacting with the Band via Social Media

  1. I saw State Radio last fall!

    That’s really cool–social media is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

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