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Powerful Women in Tech Roundtable Discussion

Last week, I attended a Churchill Club “Women in Tech Roundtable” at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley office. Here are some fantastic soundbites I captured.

Robyn Denholm, CFO, Juniper Networks

·      Keep investing in yourself, if you don’t no one else will.

·      Recognizing innovation from both inside & outside the company is what keeps it fresh.

·      Apart from love, outsource everything else.

Lori Goler, Vice President of Human Resources and Recruiting, Facebook

·      Formal mentoring programs don’t work as well as real, organic relationship for valuable feedback and guidance”

·      We need to have more than 18% of women engineers in colleges.

·      Facebook is looking for people who can redefine products, take something good and make it great.

·      People, not technology, drive innovation.

·      GenY are looking for jobs with impact, flexibility, autonomy, building strong social connections in the company.

·      It’s not about who is the most senior person and what did they bring. It’s about what you built last Thursday.

·      Life is a jungle gym, not a ladder.

Barbara Holzapfel, Managing Director, SAP Labs North America

·      Skills are baseline, what I look for in hiring is passion, energy and the ability to drive change.

Shahla Aly: VP Solutions Delivery, Microsoft IT

·      We don’t need to fix women’spersonalities in the workplace, we need to fix the system.

·      This is a moment in time in technology: there is a need for engineering talent but also greater capabilities: in business and an overseas background.

·      You are represented by your words. Public speaking is important in business.

·      Think very carefully about what success means to you. Define it for yourself, not what society says.


One comment on “Powerful Women in Tech Roundtable Discussion

  1. Totally agree with Lori Goler. It’s about building a community of problem-solvers and people who are excited about building things together. We need to find ways to foster connection, collaboration, and mutual support.

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