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Greenwich and Football

Today concludes my fourth day in London!

Yesterday my Boston University program took a ferryboat ride along the Thames River to Greenwich. While on the ferry, we had the chance to chat with other students and see the sights! We spotted Big Ben, London Bridge, London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and many more historic monuments.

Then we explored the town of Greenwich. Cute shops and even cuter small streets! We walked up to a gorgeous view of the city. Here’s a pic of my roommate, Elle, and me.

Plus we straddled the Prime Meridian line through Greenwich, of 0 degrees of longitude.

Next, we took the tube back to our dorm and then headed over to Wembly stadium for a England vs. Wales football game! The England fans were CRAZYYY!! I’ve never seen that kind of sports patriotism before! Not just cheering, but 77,000 people singing the same songs, hugging strangers, men beating their chests, on the edge of their seats, screaming profanities at the opposing team.

I’ve started to keep a list of London phrases that are just slightly different from America:

  • Nip around (quickly move)
  • improvement works (construction)
  • Preserves (jelly)
  • Juicy bits (orange juice pulp)
  • Rubbish (trash cans)
  • Mind the gap/stairs/cars (watch out)

And finally, to all those friends and family who sent me a wealth of news articles regarding Yahoo!’s recent leadership restructuring, please see Yahoo!’s official corporate press release here.

Classes begin tomorrow! First up – British Public Relations!


One comment on “Greenwich and Football

  1. so cool! James grew up right beside Wembley stadium!

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