Exploring Soho and Windsor Castle

The last two days have been filled with tons of exploring in very different areas of London! First, I explored the financial and theater district of London called Soho.

Soho had a wide mix of broadway and speciality British plays, thriving Chinatown, gay bars and 500-year-old churches. I heard dozens of international languages, smelled incredible scents of fresh-baked croissants and “leafy” gardens (British vocab), and gazed up at powerful sky-scrapers.

Today I traveled to Windsor Castle! Wandering a Disney kingdom was the closest feeling to describe my day. The Queen and Royal Family spend time living in the Castle, while a small town lives at the bottom of the hill. The exterior of the castle was highly well-protected in case of invasion, while the castle interior was filled with paintings, statues and fine cloth. My favorite part was seeing the Queen’s Dollhouse collection – the entire Windsor castle in mini-version. 



2 comments on “Exploring Soho and Windsor Castle

  1. both you and all the sights you’re seeing are so beautiful! love the pictures!

  2. lovin’ the blogs! You look beautiful & happy, xoxo

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