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Museum of Natural History and Hyde Park

This week I was thrown into my classes: British Public Relations and Global Promotional Strategies! My classes last from 9am-1pm, and then I have the afternoons free to explore. Yesterday after class, I walked around South Kensington, stopping by the Museum of Natural History next to my dorm. I ended up spending two hours at the Museum, in the Marine Life and Mineral rooms. The high ceilings and quiet atmosphere provided an escape from my bustling city life.

Walking to class everyday is such a treat! I live in a residential neighborhood, so every morning during my walk to classes, I spot dozens and dozens of small toddlers clutching their parents hand. Straight out of a scene from Madeline, the little children are wearing matching school uniforms. Bright purple, orange, red blazers, top hats, stockings up to their knees…adorable! It makes the early morning walk enjoyable.

On Sunday, my friends and I visited the Butterfly Gardens at the Museum of Natural History! A butterfly landed on my head!

We also walked around Hyde Park for a few hours!

Then on Sunday night, Kristina and I shared churros dipped in chocolate at the Thames River Festival!Delicious!


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