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Halloweekend in Dublin

Over Halloween weekend, I traveled to Dublin, Ireland! Arriving late Friday night, my friends and I ventured into Temple Bar area and I drank my first Guinness beer. Little did I know it would be my first of many Guinness’ over this weekend.

On Saturday I visited the famous James Joyce bridge and the actual Guinness factory. The entire factory store was structured around a six-layer glass beer mug. Learning about the beer creation process, we made our way up to the Millenium Bar on the top level, drinking a pint while gazing into the 360-degree surreal view over-looking the entire city of Dublin.

After the Guinness factory, my friends and I went on a Halloween pub crawl around Dublin.  As typical Americans, we dressed in cute outfits (Hadley and I were bunnies). Thinking we had the perfect costumes, we were surprised to see that everyone in Dublin (and Europe I soon learned) did not have the same idea of  a Halloween costume. Blood-soaked monsters, knives in skulls, skin falling off mummies bodies and horrifying makeup. No “Mean Girl” cats or bunnies to be seen. A few times I glanced around the street in pure shock, clearly mistaken I was in some sort of Euro-trip horror movie! I didn’t take any photos but here are similar images.

{taken by Christina’s amazing high-resolution camera]

At one of the Irish pubs, I filmed a classic Irish folk-tune “Molly Molone.” notice the leader of the band is a flutist!

The next morning we took a short trip to Howth, Ireland; a small fishing village. The moment we stepped off the bus, a the sharp sea air washed over me. Since it was my first time seeing the ocean in months, I’ll admit I was a little homesick for my Bay Area summers in Half Moon Bay and Pacifica. We leisurely walked around the ocean shore, admiring the splashing waves and small sailboats. It was one of the first times I was happy I didn’t have 3G on my phone, completely at peace with my surroundings and unattached from the world.

{taken by Christina’s amazing high-resolution camera]


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