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Rediscovering my guitar in London

After a particularly busy Monday, I came home to my London flat and had a sudden urge to play guitar. Borrowing a gorgeous steel string from a kid on my floor, I excitedly hurried to my room to practice.

But I immediately discovered, I was rusty. My fingers fumbled. My hand cramped. The lag time between thinking a note and playing it dragged on an extra second. Surprised, I realized that in this last month of starting my internship, traveling foreign countries and studying for my PoliSci class, I had pushed aside one of my favorite activities and lost some of my treasured skills. Loud and clear, this was a physical indicator that I need to slow down and take some time to myself to rediscover my passions. Exiting my browser’s TedTalks and SlideShare, I spent last night learning an old-time favorite: Regina Spektor’s classic “Us”.


One comment on “Rediscovering my guitar in London

  1. you are talented in so many areas

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