Year in Review and Goals

2011 was an exciting year full of growth and new changes. Professionally, I matured in leaps and bounds as I learned about global communications and technology in Silicon Valley and Europe. Emotionally, I learned how to live in a foreign environment outside my comfort zone. Physically, I started seriously exercising and trying exotic foods (pigeon, goat, rabbit, buffalo). So much of my growth is still unrealized and the anticipation for my future has reached new heights. 

Short-term 6-month goals for Boston:

  • Language: learn code (javascript, HTML), strengthen Spanish on BU Rosetta stone (2x a week)
  • Media: Blog once a week, allocate reading the news into 15 min periods, don’t keep Twitter open all-day
  • Health: get to 7:30min mile, remove bread from diet
  • Music: Learn 1 new secular song each week on the guitar, learn 3 new finger picking patterns, develop stronger fingers so I can remove my capo, attend four concerts per month 
  • Judaism: attend 2 Meor/Hillel lectures per month, go to Rabbi Loketch’s dinner once a month

Long-term Goals:

  • Associate more songs with moments. Keep my music personal to me
  • Become more detail-oriented
  • Manage time efficiently / Don’t over-commit
  • Utilize 4-day weekend by exploring the east coast (visit Miami, NYC)
  • Strengthen friendships
  • Show appreciation for little things
  • Look for every opportunity to make a new connection and friend
  • Display less sheer enthusiasm and become more business-friendly

Thought Catalog: 20 New Year’s Resolutions For 20-Somethings

“Find a way to save approximately 300 dollars and spend it on a flight to see a friend or family member who lives far away.”

AV Club: New Year’s pop-culture resolutions 2010  (Nathan Rabin)

“I’d like to be unplugged a whole lot more. I spend way too much of my time online, indulging my compulsions, so I think it would be lovely, if quixotic, to try to spend as much time away from my Apple Overlord as possible. Also, I’d like to fill in some of my pop-culture blind spots, namely reading fiction, going to plays and reading poetry.”


2 comments on “Year in Review and Goals

  1. Awesome golas Ellen – Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Try an unplugged shabbat!

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