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Exploring Boston: Part I


Fresh from my semester exploring Europe, I vowed to make the most of my final months on the east coast by taking full advantage of the city. In the the last three weeks I’ve left the comforts of Comm Ave and ventured into new parts of Boston. Here are some of my favorite gems I’ve discovered:

Deep Ellum: I discovered this romantic and quaint speakeasy bar and have been back three times since. I fell in love with the classy interior design, friendly and knowledgable staff and nice variety of students and 20-somethings. Ordering new (and tasty) foods I splurged on the pork belly, duck confit, gorgonzola fries and hot buttered rum. The hot buttered rum (Santa Teresa Reserva rum, Butter, brown sugar) was the closest thing to butter beer and I was instantly transported into JK Rowling’s imagination. 

Ariana Restaurant: Instead of my usual Thai food favorites, I ventured to try Afghanistan cuisine. I ordered the Kofta Challow (beef meatballs with sun dried tomatoes) and Kaddo (baked pumpkin with garlic yogurt and ground beef sauce). The indulgent meal was hearty, wonderfully comforting and the savory flavors stayed in my mind hours after the meal was over. 

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: My friends and I decided to check out the new wing in this museum and instead spent a few hours wandering the halls and garden of the museum. While sipping on free hot coco, we ignored the howling snowstorm and lazily walked around the lush greenery and admired Isabella’s art collection.


Aquarium and Legal Seafood: Pretending to hide among the hundreds of toddlers who pressed their noses to the glass fish tanks, Steph and I shelled out the money to spent a few hours at the Aquarium. We  loved seeing the colorful jelly fish and 90-year-old turtle. We finished our afternoon by splitting Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque at Legal Seafood.


Museum of Science: Undiscovered Worlds Nighttime Planetarium: My friend surprised me and got us tickets to see the 8:30pm showing of Undiscovered Worlds: The Search For Our Sun. Laying back on comfy chairs, we faced the circular celling and watched the stars expand and contract. I was transported out of Boston’s smoggy skies into a foreign universe full of stars and planets. Definitely one of the best museum exhibits I’ve seen in Boston (runner-up is Chihuly Glass Exhibit last year at MFA).


One comment on “Exploring Boston: Part I

  1. Loved your updpate, Ellen. It’s great how you are enjoying not only the obvious
    Boston, but many of the lessor known aspects of the city.You certinly know how to get the most out of life, and I’m proud of you. Are you excercising?



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