Bonjur Paris

A few weekends ago I traveled to the city of lights: Paris. Waking up at 4am, my friends and I boarded a 6:30am EuroStar train to Paris, France. Next I enjoyed a delicious coffee in a small cafe off a cobbled street. As we explored the small side-streets of Paris I helped myself to a […]

Rediscovering my guitar in London

After a particularly busy Monday, I came home to my London flat and had a sudden urge to play guitar. Borrowing a gorgeous steel string from a kid on my floor, I excitedly hurried to my room to practice. But I immediately discovered, I was rusty. My fingers fumbled. My hand cramped. The lag time between thinking […]

Halloweekend in Dublin

Over Halloween weekend, I traveled to Dublin, Ireland! Arriving late Friday night, my friends and I ventured into Temple Bar area and I drank my first Guinness beer. Little did I know it would be my first of many Guinness’ over this weekend. On Saturday I visited the famous James Joyce bridge and the actual […]

Sharing my London World

This past week my parents flew out to visit me in London! I am so fortunate my parents were able to make the far trip, especially since they are traveling to China next week to visit my younger sister, Marci, on Semester at Sea. The first two days were spent showing them my favorite London […]

Reflection: Steve Jobs and Yom Kippur

Making my final rounds scrolling Twitter at 1am Wednesday night in my London dorm room, I stared at my dimly lit MacBook screen, stunned as the Steve Jobs tweets started pouring in. I quickly glanced at my sleeping roommate then outside to the Kensington Streets in London, expecting riots to disrupt the quiet suburb. But […]

Everyone I meet might not be Hugh Grant

There’s a funny thing about the British, they all sound incredible educated. and polite. and correct. But what about that helpful cashier at the supermarket missing his teeth? Yes, yes he’s definitely sophisticated. Or that boy in the bar that told me I was a gorgeous lass?  Yes, must be a Oxford grad. Or that […]


{Elle and Ellen in the “M”} This past weekend I traveled to Amsterdam in the Netherlands! My three-day weekend began with an early 2:30am wakeup call followed by a 6:10am flight. Ashley, Elle, Kristina, Carol and I arrived to the Amsterdam airport, a little tired but excited for our first European trip! We spent our […]