Rediscovering my guitar in London

After a particularly busy Monday, I came home to my London flat and had a sudden urge to play guitar. Borrowing a gorgeous steel string from a kid on my floor, I excitedly hurried to my room to practice. But I immediately discovered, I was rusty. My fingers fumbled. My hand cramped. The lag time between thinking […]

A Musical Weekend

This weekend was a whirlwind of different musical performances!  Handel and Haydn Society’s performance of Mozart’s Requiem at Boston Symphony Hall Hilary and I used an amazing Groupon Deal and saw Handel and Hayden Society’s rendition of Mozart’s Requiem. Often called dark, angry but quietly beautiful, the Requiem symbolizes a Mass for the Dead. Mozart continued to write the […]

April 18th: 3 Facets of My Life

On April 18, 2011 I had the unique experience of changing from a college student to a proud Bostonian and finally to a religious leader. First, it was my birthday! In addition to finally having the responsibilities of an adult, my birthday is always an excuse to get all my friends together, speak to all of my […]

Interacting with the Band via Social Media

I recently saw my favorite band, State Radio, play at San Francisco’s Filmore. It was my 10th time seeing Chad Stokes perform, so I had extremely high hopes that were surpassed by a new wave of energy, enthusiasm and peaceful messages hidden beneath the song’s powerful lyrics. But this concert was a little different. Days […]

Joshua Radin at the House of Blues in Boston

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Joshua Radin’s concert at the House of Blues in Boston. I’ll be the first to proudly admit I screamed a few “I LOVE YOUs” and clutched my heart in yearning as Joshua confessed his compassionate love stories on his soft acoustic guitar. Like most of my favorite […]

Calling All Crows: A Rock Concert with a Purpose

Whether described as acoustic, reggae, ska, funk or folk-rock music geniuses, Dispatch band members Chad Stokes, Braddigan and Pete Francis successfully created their own timeless genre of humanitarian inspired lyrics that make genuinely difference. Dispatch created the “Elias Fund” to distribute educational scholarships to Zimbabwe youths. During Dispatch’s era from 1996-2001, they created many grassroots 501(c)(3) nonprofit […]