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Old Spice’s Brand Manager speaks

Last week my PRSSA chapter and I heard James Moorhead, the Brand Manager of Old Spice speak about the success of their recent campaign. Before I dive into his lecture, I will preface it to a brief interaction that took place beforehand. I entered the room, thinking I would be surrounded by fellow PRSSAers, but […]

Interacting with the Band via Social Media

I recently saw my favorite band, State Radio, play at San Francisco’s Filmore. It was my 10th time seeing Chad Stokes perform, so I had extremely high hopes that were surpassed by a new wave of energy, enthusiasm and peaceful messages hidden beneath the song’s powerful lyrics. But this concert was a little different. Days […]

New Media Tools

I recently heard a guest lectures discuss new and relevant media tools to use in the communication industry. In my Corporate Communication class, Sean Carlson captivated my attention by introducing me to new applications and inspired me to use it for faster research making sense of real-time information. Sean Carlson: Manager of Global Communications at […]

BU Utilizes Twitter: Blizzard Crisis

Weather warnings of an approaching Boston snowstorm prompted Boston University’s Human Resources to send this mass cryptic email to the university: “Sent 11:42 pm on Thursday, 20 January, 2011 Boston University’s Charles River Campus will have a two (2) hour delayed opening on Friday, January 21, 2011.” Staring at my iPhone email moments before drifting […]

Twitter Etiquette: Posting Relevant Information

Last night, I was at my friends apartment, when a random boy came up to me: “Hey! Don’t YOU follow ME on Twitter?” I stared at him, for I had never seen him or read his Twitter before in my life. He began to introduce himself, but his unimpressive conversational skills sent my mind soaring into the […]